The Beginning

The Natural Bedding Company began life in 1984 when Andrew McCaig’s son, Sam, was born. Starting with two bales of cotton in a suburban lounge room, Sydney was introduced to this all-Australian owned company. Since then, Andrew has gradually grown his business in both the quality, and the variety of products. He has had great success in creating a small family business. Today his son works with him, which is a great joy. Not often does a father have the pleasure and compliment of his son wanting to work with him in his working environment.

Andrew’s working philosophy has been to create and market the natural products, which The Natural Bedding Company sells to its customers in an open and honest way. This gives each client the opportunity to make an informed choice about products before purchasing. Andrew has always searched for the best natural materials to create the mattresses. His research is guided with the help of customer’s questions and his own need to construct the best possible mattresses. Thus, giving the customer the necessary information to make a confident decision based on his or her own individual needs.

With Andrew’s guidance, The Natural Bedding Company has developed into a successful Australian small family business. Andrew has employed a number of staff over the years to complement his business. Most of his employees have been members of the student body at Sydney University. This allows young people with a need for income to gain experience in the operations of a small business while contributing with their own various skills.

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Our Mission

To provide high quality timber beds,  sofa-beds, and nautral fibre mattresses, providing maximum customer health while causing minimum environmental impact.

“we are sleep walking in Eden and may awaken to it”

Our Time Line


It all began with a bale of cotton and a roll of cotton calico at 151 Johnston Street. Annandale, NSW. Jan McCaig would sew the covers and Andrew McCaig would make the futons and do the deliveries with baby Sam by his side.


The futons were a big hit and eventually more room was needed so we found a shop in Stanmore, a suburb on the rise, and promoted our Deluxe Futons. 1984.


This shop show cased all of our hand made futons along with Japanese themed bed frames and bedroom furniture and accessories. 1985.


By this time people had started to spread the word of our great products and we started to wholesale futons as well as sell them in our retail store in Stanmore. This was where we made all the mattresses on the floor by hand in Balmain 1987.


As futons became less popular Andrew researched a range of different natural fibers that would be healthy for users, manufactures and the environment. The Natural Bedding Company launched its new range of natural fiber mattresses including latex in 1993 by moving shops from 116 to 122 Percival Road Stanmore NSW.


The mattresses and furniture were received very well by consumers and we won the small business awards in 1995.


Present Day

21 years later and we are still hand making all of our mattresses and have been hand making all of furniture for over 10 years.


Pre-assembling a basic 1 and securing the slats.


Regan using an all natural stain to finish off a side rail to a Waratah base.


Sam laying the foundation for a Silent Night mattress.


Zipping up the covering once all the layers have been placed on top of each other.

sammatttuft sammatttuft2

Hand stitching all the layers of the mattress together with a 10″ needle, sailors palm and cotton string.

sandclose sebsand

Sebastian sanding the frame of a Banksia sofa-bed.

We love hand making your bedroom furniture and mattresses. Every product we make so we are able to control the level of quality, we know every process of manufacturing and can still deliver an affordable product that will last a lifetime.